Welcome to the Chez Oxford House Status Server!

Wine Cellar

The temperature in the Chez Oxford wine cellar is 67.3 degrees F.
The wine of the day is: Wine 543: Fonseca 1977 Port (11 bottles available)

Hot Tub

It is 70.8 degrees Fahrenheit in the hot tub; the hot tub heater is off, the pump is off with high/lo speed control normal, and the air switch for the pump is off.


The outdoor temperature is 61.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature at the house control unit (in the basement) is 65.3 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is 69.4 degrees in the equipment room.

The indoor temperature is 67.3 degrees Fahrenheit in the living room, 77.9 in the bedroom, and the upstairs space heater remote control is on.

Irrigation Status

The drip irrigation system is off (and the external drip timer is currently on).