FreeBSD Kernel Internals Short Course

The short course is taught by Marshall Kirk McKusick. The syllabus for the the short course is as follows:

Monday morning - Kernel Overview
        Kernel terminology
        Basic kernel services

Monday afternoon - Process Management
        Process structure

Tuesday morning - Security
	Framework and policies

Tuesday afternoon - Virtual Memory
	Virtual-memory management
	Paging strategies

Wednesday morning - Kernel I/O system
        Multiplexing I/O
	Support for multiple filesystems
        Pseudo-terminal handling
        Autoconfiguration strategy
        Machine virtualization

Wednesday afternoon - Filesystem Overview
        Filesystem services
        Block I/O system (buffer cache)
        Fast filesystem (FFS)
        Soft Updates and Snapshots

Thursday morning - Other Filesystems
        Zettabyte filesystem (ZFS)
        Network filesystem (NFS)

Thursday afternoon - Interprocess Communication
        Concepts and terminology
        Basic IPC services
        Example use of IPC and network facilities

Friday morning - Networking Implementation
        IPv4 and IPv6 protocols
        Routing issues
        Internet protocols (TCP and SCTP)

Friday afternoon - System Startup and Measurement
	Boot loaders
	Kernel startup and system launch
        Performance measurement tools