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. . . the highlight of the day is clearly the Little Colorado River. There you are rafting along in a greenish brown river and off to your left you see this miraculously blue stream flow in. It is the little Colorado.

We are instructed to don our life jackets -- not the proper way, but by placing our legs through the arm holes and buckling them around our butts. The flaps that normally hang on your back now hang between your legs and you resemble a duck. You feel like one too. However, vanity disappears quickly as you jump in the rapids and float on down. The water is warm, the rapids are fun and you can't quite get enough

Then Kirk exclaims that it's time to try for the record -- we need to amass 21 people in a human chain and go through the rapid together. The only tricky parts are twofold: getting everyone situated in the water, and not breaking the chain as the people in front start to speed up once they've gone over the first rapid. This is great fun.

We come VERY close to breaking the record on our first attempt, but we break our human chain somewhere in the middle. We succeed on getting down intact on our second attempt, but we've lost enough people that we no longer have the record. Still -- great fun.

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