Free the Berkeley 4.4!


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About 6 months after the University of California at Berkeley started shipping ``Networking Release 2'' (Net 2), it was sued by UNIX Systems Laboratory (USL) to halt distribution. To rally support for continued release of Net 2, Marshall Kirk McKusick commissioned this T-shirt. In its original form, the shirt showed the daemon skewering a deflated AT&T deathstar. A few months later, AT&T sold USL to Novell, so the skewered logo was changed to the diamond shaped USL logo (since Novell had bought USL well after the suit was underway, it seemed unfair to parody Novell -- indeed Novell decision makers moved quickly to settle once they took control of USL). There was a limited printing of approximately 100 shirts that had only the artwork (no text under it) that were made available to the people who that helped in defending Net 2. A contest was held at the January 1993 Usenix conference to pick a slogan to put under the artwork. The winning entry was made by John Gilmore, who suggested ``Free the Berkeley 4.4!''. Approximately 2000 of these shirts were sold. The artwork was done by Carol Peel.
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