Unix Kernel Internals Syllabus

  • The syllabus for the video tape is as follows:
    Week 1 - Introduction
    	Kernel terminology
    	Basic kernel services
    Week 2 - Processes
    	Process structure
    	Process management
    Week 3 - Virtual Memory
    	Virtual memory management
    	Paging and swapping
    Week 4 - Kernel Resource Management
    Week 5 - I/O Introduction
    	Special files
    	Terminal handling
    Week 6 - Kernel I/O Structure
    	Multiplexing I/O
    	Autoconfiguration strategy
    	Structure of a disk device driver
    Week 7 - Filesystem Overview
    	Filesystem services
    	Block I/O system (buffer cache)
    Week 8 - Filesystem Implementation
    	Filesystem implementation
    	Support for multiple filesystems
    	Network File System (NFS)
    Week 9 - Interprocess Communication
    	Concepts and terminology
    	Basic IPC services
    	Example use of IPC and network facilities
    Week 10 - Networking Implementation
    	System layers and interfaces
    	Internet protocols (TCP/IP)
    	Routing issues
    Week 11 - System Tuning
    	Performance measurement
    	System tuning
    Week 12 - Other Topics
    	Crash dump analysis
    	Security issues