FreeBSD Kernel Internals: An Intensive Code Walkthrough
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There are four varients of the class available. The newest is based on FreeBSD 8.0 and was recorded in 2009; click here to get a description of the FreeBSD 8.0 class, the fifteen videos, and of the materials (CD-ROM and course notes) that are included in the purchase price. The second is based on FreeBSD 6.1 and was recorded in 2006; click here to get a description of the FreeBSD 6.1 class. The third is based on FreeBSD 4.0 and was recorded in 2000; click here to get a description of the FreeBSD 4.0 class. The fourth is based on FreeBSD 2.2.5 and was recorded in 1998; click here to get a description of the FreeBSD 2.2.5 class.

Please specify the number of copies of each class that you wish to order:

FreeBSD 8.0 Code Reading Class
FreeBSD 6.1 Code Reading Class
FreeBSD 4.0 Code Reading Class
FreeBSD 2.2.5 Code Reading Class

The FreeBSD 8.0 lectures are available in three formats (older classes are available only on DVD-R in standard-DVD format):

DVD-R in standard-DVD format. This format will play in most consumer DVD players (check here to see if your DVD player can show write-once DVDs). It has the lowest picture quality.

Quicktime-Movie file on DVD-R. The Quicktime movie has a higher quality picture than the DVD-R in standard-DVD format, but only plays on a computer that can show Quicktime movies. There is no additional charge for the Quicktime-movie format.

DVD+R dual-layer in standard-DVD format. This format has the highest quality picture. It will play on most computer DVD drives (certainly on Apple computers) but will not play on most consumer decks. It also includes a scene-selection index to each of the topics (slide, file, or function) being discussed. When ordering physical media, there is a $75.00 charge for this format ($5.00 per lecture for the trial or subscriptions). No extra charge when downloading.

If you select a format that you are unable to play, you may exchange it for a different format.

Subscription: If you would prefer to buy the course in installments, you can sign up for a subscription. The initial subscription includes a copy of the materials and the first lecture video. Each additional video is mailed only as requested. The proration of subscription fees are shown when you click on the ``View Invoice'' button below. A subscription will be charged at the regular price for your category if videos 2-15 are ordered all at once.
Check here to order the course by subscription.

Trial: If you are unsure whether the course is for you or are unsure which varient of the course you wish to order, I offer a trial option which lets you buy just the first lecture from the course. The trial option contains only the video for the first lecture and the source-code CD-ROM but not the printed course notes.

Please note that I offer a 25% discount to people that can make a plausible hardship case and a 50% discount to full-time students. Please contact me at to verify that you qualify and to get instructions on how to order at the discounted price.

Please specify category of course that you wish to order:
Corporate: ($2995.00) -- Corporate use details here.
Individual: ($1495.00) -- An individual purchasing the course for their own use.
Trial: ($49.95) -- A copy of the first lecture and the source-code CD-ROM.

Corporate orders may request additional copies of the materials.
Additional sets of CD-ROM and course notes at $50.00/set.
Authorization to reproduce additional sets of CD-ROMs and notes ($20.00/set).
Additional sets of DVD videos at $750.00 ($825.00 for DVD+R dual-layer disks).
Authorization to make DVDs available on an internal-only company server ($1995.00).
Check here for a $49.95 credit if you have already purchased a trial course and do not wish to receive another copy of the first lecture.
Please indicate which format of course workbook you would prefer:
The Source CD-ROM including PDF of the course workbook (included, no charge)
Both printed and CD-ROM versions of the 50 page course workbook ($10.00 charge)

In addition to traditional media, we now offer a download service. Before ordering the download service, please verify that you can download, decrypt, and view downloaded videos by going to our download test area and following the instructions there on downloading, decrypting, and viewing the test video.

Domestic Priority Mail (no additional charge)
International Airmail ($50.00)
International Courier ($150.00)
Download (no additional charge)

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