Upcoming FreeBSD Kernel Internals Short Courses

The ``FreeBSD Kernel Internals: Data Structures and Algorithms'' course is periodically taught in a five day short course format. The course is usually held in the summer in California.

No short courses are currently scheduled in Berkeley.

The class can also be taught at your site at a time that is convenient for you. The class can be taught in a three, four, or five day format. Arranging an on-site class.

The short course is taught by Marshall Kirk McKusick. The syllabus for the the short course is as follows:

Monday morning - Kernel Overview
        Kernel terminology
        Basic kernel services

Monday afternoon - Process Management
        Process structure

Tuesday morning - Process Management (Continued)
        Virtual memory management

Tuesday afternoon - Kernel I/O structure
        Special files
        Terminal handling
        Multiplexing I/O

Wednesday morning - Device Management
        Autoconfiguration strategy
        Configuration of a device driver

Wednesday afternoon - Filesystem Overview
        Filesystem services
        Block I/O system (buffer cache)
        Filesystem implementation
        Soft Updates and Snapshots

Thursday morning - Multiple Filesystem Support
        Support for multiple filesystems
        Volume management
        Network File System (NFS)

Thursday afternoon - Interprocess Communication
        Concepts and terminology
        Basic IPC services
        Example use of IPC and network facilities

Friday morning - Networking Implementation
        System layers and interfaces
        Routing issues
        Internet protocols (TCP/IP)

Friday afternoon - System Tuning
        Performance measurement
        System tuning
        Crash dump analysis
        Security issues