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As of January 2002 you no longer need a license to order these CD-ROMs. You may view Caldera's letter releasing Version 6, Version 7, and 32/V (from which all BSD distributions were derived) as open source software here.

Click here to get a description of the CSRG CD-ROM Set.

Please specify the number of copies of the CSRG Archive that you wish to order.
CSRG Archive 4-CDROM set ($99.00/set).
CSRG Archive DVD containing both original and historic content ($149.00/set).
CSRG Archive DVD for those already owning the CSRG Archive 4-CDROM set ($50.00/set).

Note that the Archive DVD is in simple packaging, so if you would like the nice packaging for your shelf, order both the CSRG Archive 4-CDROM and the CSRG Archive DVD. For those already owning the CSRG Archive 4-CDROM, you need order only the CSRG Archive DVD.

DVD Format:
For those ordering physical media for the CSRG Archive DVD, you have a choice of two different disk technologies:

Standard dye-process DVD that will likely only be readable for 5-10 years but can be read on virtually any DVD drive
M-Disc technology DVD that has an expected 100+ year readability but requires a high-precision DVD drive to read it (typically the DVD drive needs to be able to read Blu-Ray disks)
Both formats of DVD ($5.00 extra)

In addition to traditional media, we now offer a download service. Before ordering the download service, please verify that you can download, decrypt, and view downloaded videos by going to our download test area and following the instructions there in the ReadMe.txt file on downloading, decrypting, and viewing the test video.

Domestic First Class Mail (no additional charge)
International Airmail ($33.00)
Download (no additional charge) -- Note that download delivery to California addresses incur no sales tax.

Please note that orders for physical media delivered to addresses in the state of California will be charged sales tax.

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