4.3BSD Daemon

     Stitched Blue 4.3BSD Daemon Polo Shirt 

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4.3BSD System Daemon / BSDI:

This character was the second version of the daemon. He appeared on the cover of The Design and Implementation of the 4.3BSD UNIX Operating System and on a series of T-shirts. There was a limited printing of approximately 100 shirts that had only the artwork (no text under it) that were made available to the people that helped with the writing and reviewing of the book. The shirt available for general sale had the text `The 4.3BSD System Daemon' under the artwork (as shown in the second picture). Two special editions of this shirt have appeared. In 1992, Berkeley Software Design had a shirt done with the text ``Now Available from BSDI'' under the artwork. BSDI also produced a poster with this daemon that it handed out at trade shows and conferences. Pete Cottrell arranged to have 200 polo shirts made with the daemon stitched into them (as shown in the third picture). The special edition of the daemon shirt shown in the fourth picture was done by the Australian UNIX Users Group to commemorate Kirk McKusick's all-state tour done during the first 3 months of 1995. The fifth picture shows the latest rendition of the daemon available on Polo shirts from this site. An oft-retold story of Linda Branagan's experience while wearing the shirt in a small Texas town can be found here. The original 4.3BSD daemon artwork was done by John Lasseter.

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